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Business IPBX Telephone Systems

Business IPBX SystemsBusiness IPBX systems have the necessary need in today’s current business market. Business IPBX systems were implemented into the business environment to allow for a multiple use of telephone lines at any given time which are operated from a variety of different stations within the workplace. This form of communication is the first line of call within the current business climate from business to business (B2B) leads or private clients. Different businesses require different forms of telephonic systems there are a variety of different platforms available to businesses today and upon dependence of what your business needs they can be appropriately matched to the services that are on offer. Within the new more reliable electronic shared-control systems there are additional functionalities added into the system these include features such as: Answering machine functions, Remote supervision, Speed dialling, Unique caller ID’s and transferring calls to others within the system network other features of the system include Automatic Call Forwarding, Music whilst on Hold and also offers a mobile extension feature. These systems are incredibly easy to use and have the ability to improve the way your business operates as moving to a more modern way of working increases productivity, so investing in a Business telephone IPBX systems is vital.


Within the 21st century the intelligent business telephone systems Hybrid system revolutionised the way the telephonic systems were operated and run throughout the business platform and in the office environment with the new addition of LED functions and with the addition of the digital era opening the platform for newly designed telephone systems which have the right functionality to work more effectively in the office environment making information more transferable from user to user.



Business IPBX systems (private branch exchange)   which is a telephone exchange server offers business users that are looking for the Business IPBX systems a range of different services with more advanced features to the original telephone system currently installed within most small to large businesses. The system uses an IP (internet protocol) connection which is connected to the internal servers to provide video linkage and audio output within the current climate this versatile feature allows for a more powerful linkage whether it’s between business to business or between client relations as it is connected to the PSTN line. The IPBX that is used within the Business IPBX systems (private branch exchange) interconnects within the internal network of the business network. Extensively the features that are included within this system are extensive they include: Unlimited Extensions, Unlimited Voicemail Boxes, Advanced Mobile Phone Integration, Integrated/Overhead Paging, Remote Phones, Caller ID Customization, Time of Day Routing, Call-out, System Diagnostics. Features that are extensive and vital in order to ensure that productivity is ripe. The Business IPBX systems has its own software integrated within the Business IPBX systems which is inexpensive and allows users to add additional functionality such as vital new era technologies such as conferencing, XML-RPC which is a remote procedure call which uses the XML code to encode calls and be transported through the HTTP transport mechanism this allows for the control of live calls. Current trends within the IPBX system is the VoIP PBX system commonly known as IP-PBX which uses the internet protocol to carry calls. Recently though open-source projects within the Business IPBX system and cheaper modern hardware has allowed for the cost of PBX ownership to be at a lower cost to the consumer, which is an advantage to many business users as the current economic climate is at an all-time low.

The main functions of the Business IPBX systems has four main roles:

  • Provides the necessary information for accounting purposes
  • Disconnecting connections as requested by the user
  • Ensuring the connections are connected for as long as the user requires
  • Creating and establishing connections between the two telephone sets between two users

The system components of the Business IPBX systems includes the following components

Logic cards, switching and control cards and power cards

Stations or telephone sets

Outside Telco trunks that deliver signals to the Business IPBX systems

Full housing including cabinets, closets and vaults

Interconnecting wiring

(UPS) Uninterruptible power supply consisting of sensors, power switches and batteries

Data processing units Microcontroller or microcomputer for arbitrary data processing, control and logic

CONSOL or switchboard allows the operator to control the incoming calls

Hosted Business IPBX systems can be offered as a service which are hosted by the telephone company and can be exchanged between a clients’ PSTN Public Switched Telephone Network. With this service it allows the client to save on costs such as buying the equipment or installing the PBX system which is a benefit due the fact that it saves on costs, time and labour. With using the Business IPBX systems some configurations to the service is provided by a lease agreement which is set-up as a general annual fee. TheBusiness IPBX systems is an expanding service and many companies are now moving to offer and take up on the stress free way to use the Business IPBX systems.



Supports the integration with customer annual fee subscriptions

The company has the benefit to be business premises free as users of the system can be connected from home using their personal home phone but still having the exact same features as any other Business IPBX system user.

Allows for multimodal access commands through a variety of different Business IBPX telecommunication platforms which include ISDN, POTS and VoIP.

Removes the unnecessary costly hardware upgrades and costly maintenance of the Business IBPX system

If you would like more information on the business IPBX systems or have any questions, comments or queries then do not hesitate to contact us with your concern we would be very pleased to help with your request.